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Creating a Best in Class Pumping Room

Here at Docent Health, people come first. Everyone should feel known, valued and heard. We spend the same thoughtful consideration on the employee experience as we do on service design for our patients.

With two Docent Health babies on the way, we have the opportunity to provide a delightful experience for our nursing mothers. Though the state of MA has a minimum requirement in regards to pumping space, we wanted to go beyond that requirement and deliver an exceptional environment. After consulting with several experienced moms, we developed the following list for our “mom room”:

-Chair with good lumbar support, no arms, ability to raise and lower seat
-Small side table for pump to rest on
-Soft seating as an additional option
-Desk so the option of bringing in a laptop is available
-Mini-fridge stocked with bottled water, and space for milk
-Cubbies with boxes that moms can use to store their pump and/or other personal items
-White noise machine, in case it’s desired
-Do not disturb doorknob sign
-Basket with extra pumping supplies just in case
-Mirror on the back of the door

We want this space to be welcoming and comfortable as well as functional.

The space is set up so the chair is within arm’s reach of the desk and the side table. It’s also located directly beside an outlet for easy access. No crawling around on the floor to reach a power strip. The cubbies are close by and each box is labeled with the mom’s name. The door to the room locks but everyone knows it can feel uncomfortable to have people knocking on the door during private time, so the “Please Do Not Disturb” doorknob sign provides an extra layer of comfort.

We take such delight in providing a warm and welcoming space for our nursing moms as they transition back to the office.