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Docent Health Expands Services to Support Patients Through Their Complete Healthcare Journeys

Boston-based company debuts always-on service with digital touchpoints to optimize the patient experience from home to hospital and beyond

BOSTON, Mass. – March 21, 2017Docent Health, the leading innovator in consumer-centric healthcare experiences, today announced the expansion of its Docent services. This first-of-its-kind offering extends the company’s successful in-person Docent program by adding a suite of digital and phone-based services, reimagining the patient experience by combining technology with empathetic human interaction to support clinical care. The additional Docent offerings illustrate the company’s ongoing commitment to putting human care at the center of healthcare.

The Docent service enhances patients’ experiences by proactively offering support earlier in their care journey, and at any time that they have questions or concerns—not just within the hospital. With the expansion, the Docent service also now accommodates patients’ unique preferences by offering multiple channels for communication, including text, email, chat or in-person interaction.

Similar to the proven model of in-person Docents, these additional Docent service points offer the same compassionate, individualized service to patients at home and in ambulatory settings. All of the Docents’ interactions are driven by the Docent Health workflow platform, and are informed by an advanced analytics engine. The technology indicates which types of service interactions would be most beneficial for each individual patient, based on their needs, preferences and concerns.

“In healthcare today, so much of the care journey takes place outside of the hospital. Just as patients need our services within the hospital, they also need our kindness and support when they are at home. That’s why our Docent services are now available throughout the full continuum of care,” said Monna Nanavati, Chief Service Delivery Officer at Docent Health. “By offering personalized, human interactions throughout the care journey, we empower patients to take control of their overall experience.”

The expanded Docent service, which is based in Docent Health’s Boston offices, launched on March 1. The rapidly expanding company plans to unveil additional technologies and services, as well as more health system partnerships, over the course of 2017 and beyond.

“This enhanced Docent service model epitomizes our core belief that every patient is unique, and that a personalized, consumer-centric approach to healthcare is the future of our industry. That’s how we are able to make such a meaningful difference in patients’ lives,” said Paul Roscoe, CEO of Docent Health. “We’re focused on delivering great service, and demonstrating that patients who have their needs met and have a memorable experience become loyal, lifetime customers.”

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Docent Health is a venture-backed healthcare experience technology and services company focused on helping healthcare organizations transform and truly embrace a consumer-centric approach to healthcare. The company’s platform and services combine digital and human interactions to guide customers on journeys tailored to their specific needs and preferences. By utilizing Docent Health’s platform, health systems can provide personalized, empathetic experiences that support clinical care. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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