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Docent Health Profiled in New Book About the Rise in Healthcare Consumerism

Gordon Moore, a professor at Harvard Medical School, John A. Quelch, Dean of Miami Business School, and Emily Boudreau, a PHD student at Yale, team up for a timely and thoughtful exploration of the controversial role of consumers in the U.S. healthcare system in the newly released book:  Choice Matters: How Healthcare Consumers Make Decisions (and Why Clinicians and Managers Should Care).  The authors dive into the impact of consumerism on the healthcare buying decision today: the drivers of consumerism, how consumers make healthcare decisions, and recommendations for healthcare providers to meet consumers’ increasing demands.

Moore, Quelch and Boudreau stress that a one-size-fits-all solution is not viable when delivering healthcare services: “[D]ifferences among consumer segments requires that choices be personalized to make the healthcare marketplace work for everyone.”

Choice Matters brings in-depth research and great insights to a critical topic in healthcare today. It is a recommended read for all healthcare leaders working to adapt to the new forces of healthcare consumerism,” says Royal Tuthill, co-Founder of Docent Health. “We are proud to be included as an example of an innovative leader helping health systems deliver more personalized services and differentiated customer experiences for their patients.”

According to, “Choice Matters is the healthcare sector’s guide to understanding and delivering the brand of consumer-centered care that is an imperative for the Zocdoc age. Drawing on the authors’ diverse backgrounds in medicine, business, and public policy, this practically-oriented resource…offers a refreshing, empirically informed take on how healthcare in the United States can flourish, not wither, in the new economy.”

Readers can hope to better understand:
• The differences between healthcare and other consumer-driven markets
• What factors are most important for consumers in seeking care providers
• How consumers make decisions about healthcare
• The system-wide effects of increased consumer choice in healthcare
• The important distinction between patients and consumers

The book is available at:
Amazon | Oxford Scholarship Online