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A Holistic Approach to Relationship Management

By Paul Roscoe, Docent Health CEO

In the last post we talked about why health systems are in the best position to build brand relationships with their customers, capture lost services, and grow revenue.

The brand can’t just be what the customer sees in your marketing material and branding, a brand relationship is based on the whole experience. Many health system executives have told us that they are investing in “executing on their brand promise” or “operationalizing their journey mapping initiatives.”  It’s not enough to communicate our values in the market. We have to live up to them in every day operations. Consistently.

When we partnered with Dignity Health, they had recently launched the highly success “hello humankindess” campaign.  Part of Docent Health’s promise was to help them execute on their brand promise. Here’s what we did:
-Engaging patients “inside and outside” of hospital facilities with Docent liaison services and text communications
-Using one integrated platform to capture rich patient profiles and coordinate activity
-Tailoring experiences around the needs and preferences of each customer
-Embedding standard hospitality behaviors across care teams
-Cultivating and retaining relationships with a more loyal customer base
-Empowering care teams with information about the patients and their families

We recently published impressive results from the last year with one of our first Dignity Health partnerships hospitals:
12% growth rate in pre-surgical patient education classes
94th percentile in HCAHPS “Willingness to Recommend” top box scores, above the 85th percentile from the previous year
1,000 clinical team member hours saved over the course of the year
3% overall year-over-year net growth against a contracting market with increasing competition in the first year

Better point solutions will not generate the desired results.  The EMR wasn’t built with customer service in mind and other out of industry CRM tools haven’t been able to meet the unique needs of the health systems. Docent Health’s holistic solution ensures coordination and consistency for patients and staff across the enterprise.

With the support of great partners in the Hospital for Special Surgery, Dignity Health, and Intermountain Healthcare, Docent Health has built a Total Relationship Platform that coordinates customer interactions across the enterprise. We have one platform that coordinates patient engagement, real time surveys, rounding, contact center operations, and continual relationship management beyond acute episodes of care. Total Relationship Management.

Integrated into the EMR and powered by rich human-centered patient profiles, our pioneering intelligence serves as a guided experience manager – triggering automated patient communications and surfacing actionable insights to staff members in workflow tools to ensure each patient is on the best path to a great experience.

Other industries have proven the model to building brand loyalty and capturing wallet share: improve convenience, make customers feel known, valued and heard, and closely manage the relationship. As a customer of Marriott, I can go location to location across the world and any front desk staff or guest service representative will know that I have a relationship, and set of past experiences, with their company.

We’ve worked closely with our clients to tailor a solution that coordinates patient touch points across a journey, helps deliver great personalized experiences, and captures customer loyalty and advocacy to build their brand in their market. By breaking down silos of traditional point solutions, Docent Health’s platform allows staff who interacts with a patient to quickly know the patient as a person and surface the next best action.

So, whether a patient navigator is managing a care journey, a referral services contact center representative is taking an inbound call, or a nurse wants to quickly learn about a patient before rounding, there’s a quick score, real-time mood, and relevant information about that customer that enables team members to engage emphatically and makes the patient feel know, valued, heard, no matter who they interact with.

When the collective mass of people in your organization can interact in synchronicity, that’s when a company transcends individual relationships and establishes loyal brand relationships.

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