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Increase Patient Loyalty through Consistent Support

It’s time to systematize the herculean efforts of your top staff

Across all of your service lines there are thousands of customers flirting with your system as they begin healthcare journeys. A mother-to-be goes on your hospital tour to decide where she will deliver. A diagnostic catheterization for chest pain diagnoses a grandfather with coronary artery disease. A middle-aged woman attends your weight loss class to learn about bariatric surgery options.

All of these moments are opportunities to support a patient in need and build loyalty to your health system.

In our work, we see superstar individuals going above and beyond to support patients all the time. These people step in, lend a helping hand, and guide patients during these moments of high anxiety.

The challenge, however, is that when we rely on herculean efforts of individuals, these incredibly important and valuable moments of support can become SCUT – “some commonly undone task.” We end up leaving these opportunities to chance!

Hopefully a clinician will go the extra mile with their service.

Hopefully these patients will follow through in getting the care that they need.

And hopefully these patients will choose our health system if we offer the right clinical services.

But, what if we developed processes around these loyalty-building opportunities, and hardwired these herculean efforts into the service our health system provides?

Imagine if, after going home, that mother-to-be, that grandfather, and that woman each received a phone call from your health system to better understand their care needs and preferences, to answer their questions, and to offer a helping hand in getting connected to the right services. And after that moment, they had access to a navigator via text, email, and phone. Think back to the last time you began seeking care – how grateful were you to the person who stopped, listened to what you were trying to accomplish, and helped you during this time of need?

Providing support consistently, and with intentionality, in these moments is how you build brand loyalty. Doing this at scale, however, requires the right service model supported by the right digital tools.

Docent Health has helped some of the top health systems in the country design navigation services that improve the patient experience and build customer loyalty. Connect with us if you’re interested in learning how we do this at scale and the ROI of patient navigation services.