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Why I Love Being a Docent

Docents partner up with health systems across the country to help engage patients, improve experiences, and achieve better outcomes. Here, several Docents share what they find most rewarding about their work:

“It can be really frustrating to go from doctor office to doctor office and not know how to get all your questions answered. The Docents fill that gap, serving as a single point of contact. Whether it’s a patient delivering a baby or dealing with a knee replacement, they no longer feel like a number, they feel like a person as they are getting the healthcare that they need.”

— Samantha Clark

“Hearing the patient stories makes you feel like you really are making a difference one patient at a time. We had one patient who had a house fire and lost almost everything. The Docent was able to provide the patient with a basket of baby essentials. I honestly think it is the small things that stand out to me that mean the world to patients.”

— Emily Wood

“The most rewarding part is being trusted by people who have never and will never meet me in person. People share very personal, deep problems, or experiences in their life. Sharing those things with me, trusting me to respect them and help them through the process, I think that’s definitely the most impactful and most rewarding part of my job.”

— Hannah Selk

“I love feeling like I’m part of a team that has a really sound direction and mission. It’s a very pure idea that we want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to set people up for a good experience in a hospital. I personally hate hospitals, so anything that can make somebody feel a little bit more comfortable or a little bit less alienated, I think, is amazing.”

— Leilani Webb

“Building personal relationships with patients not only makes them more open, more activated, and more likely to take pay attention to education offerings and screenings, it also helps people ask the right questions. Giving people a human interface to the very complex world of healthcare is very rewarding. If my grandma or my cousin or my parents were going through a tough clinical journey, I would want them to have a point of contact—someone they have a relationship with, who they can go to with questions.”

— Jacob Vildibill


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