Deliver a Great Customer Experience

Docent Health ensures you can deliver great customer experience, consistently across the enterprise. Holistic customer relationship integration between marketing, experience and operations to ensure your patients feel known, valued and heard wherever they go.

Total Relationship Management Platform

One platform that helps health systems grow and retain valued patients – coordinates patient engagement, real time surveys, rounding, contact center operations, and continual relationship management beyond acute episodes of care.

Integrated into the EMR and powered by rich human-centered patient profiles our pioneering intelligence serves as a guided experience manager – triggering automated patient communication and surfacing actionable insights to staff members in workflow tools to ensure each patient is on the best path to a great experience.


New Patient Acquisition

Target and attract new patients and improve physician loyalty by offering a customer experience that stands out from the competition. Find and engage the highest value referral sources with intelligent reporting and analytics and programs that make your organization an attractive destination for physicians and patients. Identify the highest value customers in your organization with analytics and personalized direct-to-consumer (DTC) campaigns to improve loyalty and retention and consumer advocacy.

  • Customer Acquisition

    Use analytics to identify new growth opportunities and enhance the advocacy of satisfied and loyal customers in target markets.

  • Grateful Patients

    Identify the patients most likely to provide donations, big or small, to grow participation in grateful patient programs.

  • Physician Loyalty Management

    Promote your patient services as a market differentiator to draw more physician loyalty and demonstrate the benefits to their practice through reporting tools.


Next Best Actions

One platform to coordinate customer touch points from digital engagement, rounding, real time surveys, post-discharge calls and relationship maintenance. Share customer insights across departments, engage with patients as human beings, and drive positive patient behaviors. You’ll be able to better understand them as people, as well as their unique needs and preferences.

  • Digital Engagement

    Improve patient engagement with convenient text-based navigation and care coordination support.

  • Intelligent Workflow Management

    Surface next best actions to patient facing teams to ensure coordination of services across departments and settings.

  • Care Team Coordination

    Push patient insights to care teams, ensuring patient experience improvements through all work flows.


Patient Liaison Services

Many health systems are changing their human services to meet the needs of the customer. Realizing that too many expectations are falling on highly paid clinical staff, Docent Health offers outsourced, highly trained, empathetic patient liaisons to help support a cost-effective customer service approach.

  • Virtual & Onsite Docents

    These liasons, or ‘Docents’ can be remote or onsite and help coordinate with patients and families before, during, and after clinical episodes.

  • Meaningful Communication

    Via text, phone and in-person interactions, Docents are on-call to answer questions, manage expectations, and capture needs and preferences.

  • Staff Integration & Collaboration

    Docents inform and assist clinical staff to enable them to deliver truly human-centric care, while freeing them from other customer service oriented tasks.


Ongoing Data and Insights

We give healthcare teams a central platform for real-time patient and experience information. Our Patient Experience platform furthers understanding between patients and clinicians, and gives executives a powerful tool for optimizing workflow.

  • Operational Dashboards

    A single source for meaningful patient data, like real needs and preferences, that informs-and is informed by-Docents and staff.

  • Executive Enterprise Reporting

    In-depth analysis that helps you efficiently spot service gaps, emerging trends and areas for growth.

  • Industry Insights

    We supplement our own insights with relevant benchmark data from other health systems.