Who We Are

Docent Health is a venture-backed experience company focused on improving end-to-end patient experiences by connecting patients, clinicians and health systems through ongoing data, insights and empathy.

Our Mission

We believe healthcare should be all about people. It’s why we spend our days thinking about and putting humans at the center of everything we do – from the partners we work with to the patients we support. Why we tirelessly seek the nuance, stories and meaning in big data and small. And why we’re relentless in making patient experiences excellent.

How We Work

Helping health systems make beautiful connections within and outside of their own teams wouldn’t be possible without first doing so with ours. We’re a collaborative, deeply connected workspace filled with collaborative, deeply invested people.

Board Members

Trevor Price

Oxeon Partners

Steve Kraus

Bessemer Partners

Mohamed Makhzoumi

New Enterprise Associates

Ambar Bhattacharyya

Maverick Ventures