Why Docent Health

We believe doing what’s right for your patients and what’s best for your business are the one in the same, so we arm you with the information, people and technology to provide personalized patient experiences in ways that make true business sense.

Measurable Return on Investment

It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Connecting disparate health systems and improving patient experience ensures:

Happier, more loyal customers

Better satisfaction compensation

Greater long-term savings

Patient Satisfaction

Patients, like all consumers, are accustomed to high levels of personalized attention, and their expectations for health systems to also provide high-end personal service is clear and growing.

With Docent Health

Patients receive more personalized service throughout the clinical process. They feel valued and understood, leading to higher satisfaction scores, improved reimbursement and increased loyalty.

Staff Engagement

Clinical staff is often overburdened with clinical and non-clinical service demands, and can’t provide the personalized, empathetic service they’d like. They need more information on their patients as people in order to best connect with them.

With Docent Health

Clinical staff is informed, connected and supported with patient data and onsite people, easing their burden, improving morale and allowing them to focus on delivering excellent clinical care with empathy.

Executive Insight

Health system executives need deeper insight into staff, patients and the programs and resources that are most effectively driving positive outcomes.

With Docent Health

Operational dashboards and enterprise reporting help executives coordinate care throughout health systems, better understand patient sentiment and identify trends and opportunities for optimization in the patient experience.

Health System Growth

Health systems need to translate improved patient experiences into meaningful business outcomes, including retaining and growing patient volumes and translating an improved patient experience into an engaged patient population.

With Docent Health

The way forward is clearer than ever. Better, more personalized experiences drive increased loyalty, and allow health systems to grow market share in an increasingly competitive space.

Community Health

Healthcare teams need to proactively spot, prepare for and respond to community health needs.

With Docent Health

Better information leads to better outcomes leads to better health. Our platform consolidates information in real-time, so your teams can spot and react to community health trends faster and more efficiently.

What Healthcare Execs are Saying

“An essential part of the HSS Innovation Center mission is to partner with early stage companies and co-develop, test and refine care delivery and digital health solutions that create scalable value to the global healthcare community.”

Lenny Achan

Hospital for Special Surgery